A. Opinion & Exit Polls

CNX has been conducting election surveys including opinion & exit polls for past 10 years, the findings of which have been published in different magazines, newspapers and telecast by different news channels. CNX Exit poll provides suitable indicators about the mood of the public and make for healthy television programming and debate. The accuracy rate so far has been about 99 percent. Some major political parties have used services of CNX in devising their election strategy and distribution of tickets. CNX has conducted over 250 opinion polls for various publications & TV Channels on a vast range of issues. Reputed News Channels like CNN, NewsX, India News, ABP News, Sahara Samay, Khabar Bharti, News Express, CNEB, have telecast CNX Opinion & Exit polls. We also provide monthly surveys on a range of contemporary political, economic and social issues. The random location omnibus interviews a fresh sample of 10,000 respondents, in the 18+ age group every month. The surveys (weekly or monthly, as per the requirement), coupled with the vox-pops on the subject and a storyline is available every month to our subscribers, ready to be formatted into a story.

B. Election Campaign Management

To win elections, Political parties/candidates need to make connections with voters’ at the most fundamental level. We at the CNX identify the electorate, build supportive networks, develop systems and structures, and assist in administering targeted programmes and action plans that match the campaign and concerns of voters. We offer the following services to political parties/candidates:-

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Volunteer Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Polling Day Management
  • Election Rally Management
  • Celebrity Campaign
  • Campaign Tracking Surveys
  • Campaign Material
C. Market Research

As a leading market research company in India, CNX aims to provide world-class research and strategic consulting to leading corporations. We offer the following market research services:

  • Market Research Set-up And Design
  • Project Management
  • Market Research Fieldwork Services
  • Data Processing / Tabulations
  • Analysis & Interpretation Services
  • Reporting
D. Advertising

When you need an advertising medium that’s cost – effective and long lasting, and that gives you the necessary reach and the frequency, think of CNX.

Our array of services hoardings include Railway boards, Railway panels, Transfer stickers, Cinema slides, Promos, full train, Bus panels, Full Bus painting, Mobile sign truck, Kiosks, Traffic Booth, Toll Naka, Gantry, Vinyl and TV Advertising spread across the length and breadth of India will help you run targeted campaigns in consumer populated areas. And all at a fraction of cost it takes to make your presence felt in newspapers or on TV.

If you would like to know more about our market research services or would like someone to contact you about
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